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    Alaska Airlines

    Alaska Airlines is an important airline company in the United States of America with headquarters in the metropolitan area of Seattle, a city in Washington. The year of establishment of the company is 1932. At that time it was popular by the name, McGee Airways and it offered flights from Alaska. At present, Alaska Airlines carries passengers to at least 100 destinations places like Hawaii, the United States, Alaska, Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica.

    Alaska Airlines is the fifth major airline in the United States of America. It, along with Horizon Air, its sister airline, is a key air career in the nation. J.D. Power and Associates have ranked it as the best traditional airline in the United States on the basis of customer satisfaction. The Alaska Airlines has maintained this position for 11 years consecutively.

    The fleet size of Alaska Airlines is 317 and its parent company is Alaska Air Group. It carries people to 118 destinations (both international and domestic). The slogan of the company is “That’s How We Fly.” The official website of Alaska Airlines is

    Date of establishment and operation

    The United Airlines has been serving passengers for almost a century. It was founded in the year 1926, on 6th April and it commenced operations 5 years later, from 28th March. Since then, it is considered as one of the most preferred airlines in the United States of America.

    History of the formation of Alaska Airlines

    Alaska Airlines owes its origin to the McGee Airways. At the time of the Great Depression, the McGee Airways was struggling economically. There were several airlines during that time at Anchorage and therefore it had to join hands with other airlines for its survival. Its second name was Star Air Lines. Star Air Lines was renamed as the Alaska Star Lines. In the year 1944, on 2nd May, the company got its current name which is Alaska Airlines. At that time, the headquarters of Alaska Airlines was at Anchorage and not in Seattle.

    Chicago O’Hare International Airport

    The biggest hub of United Airlines is the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. At least 36 million people travel with United Airlines from this airport every year. This means that 99,000 people fly with United Airlines from the Chicago O’Hare International Airport per day on an average. This makes it the busiest airline here. The corporate headquarters of United Airlines are also in the city of Chicago.

    Employees of Alaska Airlines

    As per a survey conducted in 2014, the number of employees of Alaska Airlines is 12,998 approximately. The pilot group of Alaska Airlines comprises of nearly 1,550 pilots and the number of flight attendants is more than 4,100

    Alaska Air Cargo

    Alaska Air Cargo has domestic operations in several regions of the United States of America and its air-cargo operations are considered to be most extensive on the United State’s west coast, bigger than any passenger airline. Cargo operations of Alaska Airlines are focused mainly on Alaska and the northwestern states, between Seattle and Anchorage. Goods carried south from the state of Alaska mainly include seafood and goods that carried from Seattle to the northern regions include US Service mail. Apart from these, the airline carries several products for distant Alaskan communities as well.

    Alaska Airlines Foundation

    The Alaska Airlines Foundation has its headquarters on the lands of Ted Stevens International Airport and it is known for giving grants to as many as 501 non-profit institutions and organizations. All of these organizations are categorized as charities in the American states of Washington and Alaska.

    Destinations to fly with Alaska Airlines

    Alaska Airlines carries people to at least 115 destinations in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and the United States of America. Some of the popular places in Alaska from where passengers frequently fly with the Alaska Airlines are King Salmon, Anchorage, Nome, Juneau, Fairbanks, Adak, Ketchikan, Prudhoe Bay, Kotzebue, Sitka and Kodiak. Many of these locations are not accessible by road. On the United States’ West Coast, Alaska Airlines is one of the most important carriers. Its presence is also strong in Portland, San Diego, Alaska, and Seattle. Alaska Airlines offer service at San Francisco’s three big airports and four airports in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles.

    The current fleet of Alaska Airlines

    At present, Alaska Airlines handles a mainline fleet comprising mainly of Boeing 737 series aircraft along with Airbus A320 family aircraft operated formerly by Virgin America. Embraer 175 and Bombardier Q400 planes operate the regional flights with the help of Horizon Air and SkyWest Airlines.

    Alaska Airlines’ uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the solitary passenger airline in the United States of America having dedicated cargo aero-planes. Boeing 737-700 freighter jets used to be passenger aircraft in the past. Now, they have been transformed into cargo aircraft by the Israel Aerospace Industries.

    On-board beverages and meals for passengers by Alaska Airlines

    Passengers who travel with Alaska Airlines in the first class cabin are served light snacks or complimentary meals. A ‘buy on board’ food program was launched by the airline in the year 2006 by the name of Northern Bites. On most of the flights that included journeying for two and half hours or more, this facility was available, also in transcontinental flights. Part of this buy on board initiative was offering several types of “Picnic Packs” in economy/coach class seats as well on all of their flights.

    In the year 2012, from 1st February, Alaska Airlines commenced serving coffee from Starbucks, a company with headquarters in Seattle, known for its coffee, to its passengers on all flights. Prior to that, Starbucks coffee was given only to passengers of Horizon Air. Local offerings are also provided to the passengers. Examples may be cited of Tim’s Cascade, Beecher’s Cheese, Alaskan Amber beer and potato chips. In the year 2015, the airline updated its in-flight options on food on the basis of a menu created by Tom Douglas, the famous Seattle Chef.

    Onboard entertainment for passengers

    The World Airline Entertainment Association or WAEA has recognized the Alaska Airlines as the first airline to have introduced in-flight entertainment in the year 2003. AVOD (audio-video-on-demand) players were introduced in the October of 2003 for delivering TV, audio programs and films.

    Main hubs of the Alaska Airlines

    Here is a list of the main hubs of Alaska Airlines, the most important being at Tacoma/Seattle.


    Portland (OR)


    San Francisco

    Los Angeles

    Book cheap flight tickets with Alaska Airlines

    Alaska Airlines offer great discounts to its frequent customers. Booking flight tickets with Alaska Airlines is extremely easy. You can do it online by following a few simple steps. In order to get tickets at cheap prices, try to book your flight ticket two or three months before the date of your journey.

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