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Air India: Offering you Refined Flight Experience

Air India, Goverment-owned enterprise with the headquarter at New Delhi operates Airbus and Boeing aircraft serving to all domestic and international routes and also from all US, Europe, Australia, Far East and South East Stations. Bid for the best and fly in luxury with Air India.


Air India was incorporated in 1932 and operated few flights from Krachi to Bombay and then countinueds to Madras. In the first year of operation, the airline flew just 160000 miles and carrying 155 passengers and 9.72 tonnes of mail. With their collaboration of Indian airlines, the airline took its first Boeing Aircraft. Today with more than 2000 flight schedukles every day, you can easily fly to your choice of destination without any hassle. In fact, over the years, Airline has become the third largest carrier in India with hundreds of female aviation staff.

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