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Plan Affordable Family Vacations and Book Cheap Flights to America with FlightsBird

Travel to America for less with Flightsbird’s cheap flight booking services!

Undoubtedly, America is the country that has multigenerational attractions, iconic hotels and luxurious accommodations which makes this place a perfect luxurious tourist destination. Do you ever imagine to travel to America at low-budget? Hopefully no! However, Flightsbird has made it possible by offering you cheap air tickets and hassle-free online flight booking services with the aim aligned to minimize your travel expense.

Why Flightsbird To Book Your Airline Tickets?

There are hundreds of travel agencies and online platforms to compare flight deals and discounts, but, can you trust them blindly? Flightsbird is a simple and easy platform! The simple work mantra of this platform is to build a relationship for life, therefore serves you lowest airfares on hundreds of flights to different destinations across the U.S. Their association with more than 450 leading airlines, make them offer you book a flight to hundreds of destination in a single click.

Flightsbird  can be your trusted travel partner and tailored your travel experience with their professional approach to their services!

Fly, Stay and Save With Flight and Accommodation Deals at Flightsbird

Choosing the right destination and accommodation is an essential part of your traveling. To feel like a home away from your real home is the true vacation for your family. Getting the best flight deal for your travel destination along with affordable accommodation packages is an important element of your traveling. So to elevate your stress ,Flightsbird brings you their user-friendly search box, where you can find the cheapest air flights for the hundreds of destinations in a few seconds. Just search, select and book your flight ticket with Flightsbird to make your vacation cheaper, easier and happier!

Cheap Flights to Popular Destinations in the US Cities

Flightsbird seamlessly connects you with the multiple international and domestic destinations by keeping in mind your budget and travel needs. With the help of our experts, you can easily locate cheap flight tickets for your destination. Online flight booking @Flightsbird facilitates you to reserve your air tickets at the lowest price and save big on your traveling.

Direct Flights from Chicago to Washington

Cheap Flights from Atlanta to New York

Flights from Boston to Miami

Round Trip Flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

One Way Flights from Las Vegas to Chicago

Book Your Ticket Now To Avail Best Discount at Flightsbird

Whether you are booking your flight ticket at last minute or booking it prior six months, there’s an air ticket booking deal for everyone. Just enter your dates and destination to locate the best available offers.

Book Cheap Flight Tickets to the United States At Flightsbird

Book Cheap Flight Tickets to the United States At Flightsbird

Undoubtedly, U.S is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, even among Americans. Every year, the land of US receives millions of footfall globally. In fact, U.S is the diverse land that has plenty of things to offer you. From exploring picturesque places to experiencing adventurous activities, you can quickly get indulged in the American culture. If you are also excited to plan a trip to the U.S and looking for cheap flight deals and hassle-free online flight booking services,  Flightsbird would be the best platform to start the initial process of your “Dream American Vacation”.

Flightsbird is one of the best flight comparison sites in the U.S as their aim is to make your traveling convenient, cheaper and happier. Since we collaborate with 450+ airlines, we can easily help you find the cheap flights to the U.S. We at Flightsbird, promise you to make your traveling easier by providing you the widest range of airline connecting with various nearby airports.

How to Find Cheap Air Flight Bookings To U.S?

Just search, select and save your booking at Fightsbird! With our user-friendly online flight booking and a comparison module, you can easily overview the monthly rates and availability of the tickets. Whether it would be a round trip, one-way or multi-city trip, you can easily find the best deals by adding filters to your search. Since we understand that our customers need more than they’re paying their hard-earned money, we always strive to make your booking easier and simpler at Flightsbird. You can use “Flexible dates, direct flights, fares with no penalties and nearby airports” filters to make your search more specific and accurate.

Online flight Booking

Domestic Travel Between Cities In United States

Almost all American Cities are well served by the international airports that offer worldwide connectivity. But, to save your time and money on your traveling, here are the most popular domestic travels that you can quickly cover and spend the quality time in your neighbor city. Here are the few most popular domestic travel destinations:

Chicago to Washington: 1h 50 minute duration

San Francisco to Atlanta: 4h 35 minute duration

Boston to Newark: 1h 25 minute duration

New York to Austin: 4h 20 minute duration

Los Angeles to Boston: 5h 25 minute duration

Boston to San Francisco: 6h 55 minute duration

Best Time To Visit United States

United States is geographically diverse which implies different climate and weather conditions in different regions of the U.S throughout the year. So the best time to visit the US completely depends on the weather conditions of the particular region. However, spring and autumn are comparatively pleasant and making it the best time to discover the incredible beauty of this diverse land.

Whether you’re a domestic or international traveler, make your traveling easier with Flightsbird. If you still have any query or doubt, you can contact us and provide us with an opportunity to assist you rightly.



How to make your air travel bookings simple and convenient?

Planning the travel is one of the major elements of planning a vacation or a business trip. Apart for working out the itinerary, the accommodations and packing, organizing the travel need some attention. In the current situation, air travel is among the most preferred means of travel. One can find a lot of options for the airlines, flight timing, in-flight services etc., but sometimes it can be a little confusing. Also, there are many portals and apps for air ticket booking. But are they actually useful and convenient? Here’s how Flightsbird offers you a unique booking experience and also find you the best deals on cheap flights tickets

Online flight booking

  1. Picking the date

The important part of planning a trip is choosing the right dates and timing. The flights are usually a little pricier on the weekends and during holidays. With Flightsbird, you can get updates on the flight prices for different dates and give you a comparative insight on the best available deals on air tickets. This makes it easier for you to choose the date and flight that suits you best.

  1. Get price alerts

if you have a destination in mind but are waiting for the right deal to make the bookings. You don’t have to worry about that. Simply set up a price alert and Flightsbird will monitor it for you and alert you when the prices are going down or up. This way you wouldn’t have to be fuzzy and we’ll help you updated about all the cheap flights tickets that might be of interest to you. 

  1. Choose your own stops

Due to their high demand, direct flights are often priced higher than the alternatives. For those who are planning to travel to different cities or are considering connecting flights, Flightsbird’s cheap airline comparison website, you can choose various different combinations of stops, flight timing and dates and compare the different options to find yourself the perfect set for cheap airline flights booking.

  1. Handsome deals and exciting prices

Many airlines offer lucrative package deals for using the services of their partner businesses. With Flightsbird’s best price promise, you get the latest updates on available offers and hotel packages. You can redeem exciting offers and enjoy the benefits of planning your trip with Flightsbird.

  1. Make the booking experience convenient

Online flight booking or cheap flights tickets is more than just logging on to a portal and a few clicks here and there. If you want the best deal for your booking, you should know your options and explore. Use advanced flight search tools to screen through long listings and get optimized search results.

Flightsbird offers a range of user-friendly attributes to make your booking experience on the portal effortlessly seamless. Plan your travel without any hassle and enjoy the secure and preferred online ticketing experience with Flightsbird.

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Travelling Becomes Easier Availing Cheap Flight Tickets

To do or not to do, that is the question.

But to travel or not, is never a question!  A wise man once said “Travel! Before you run out of time” but in recent times, the mantra for travel lovers has become “Let’s wonder where the WiFi is weak”. Travelling opens up something inside each and every person that staying in one place is unable to.

flight ticket booking

Sometimes life seems to have stopped moving or you seem to be standing still in an ever moving, ever-changing world. That is why the need for travel comes up. It presents you with an exciting tomorrow far removed from the monotonous daily routine. It is an opportunity to explore a new place, a new you and a new scenario. When you travel, you not only learn to adapt but also discover things about yourself that you probably weren’t aware of.

The exhilaration of traveling to a new place can only be experienced. The thrill of finding yourself in an unknown destination will push you outside your comfort zone and help you in becoming a wiser person. The challenge of finding your way around in a new place, trying something new, trying to communicate with the locals without knowing their language will all open up your mind and widen your knowledge.

online flight booking

Planning for a Travel

Planning a travel has also become quite exciting these days with a plethora of destinations at your disposal. In today’s day and age, one can think of traveling to the remotest of destinations or even far off places with a cheap flight ticket that several airlines are readily offering in order to increase air travel.

After all, due to these liberal offers, many people have started considering the option of traveling to exotic locales which earlier probably was not feasible for them.

Visiting a new place gives you the opportunity to rediscover yourself. Things you thought you probably could not or would not do will seem approachable or manageable or perhaps even worth a shot.

cheap travel

Apart from the fact that you will get to visit a new place, packing your bags and heading out to travel can have other benefits too. Considering the fast-paced life we all lead these days, the best way to bond with family and/or friends can be to travel. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city and sometimes even from the mobile networks; the human interaction increases leading to everlasting bonding. Thanks to low-cost flight booking, group bookings can now be made at affordable prices for the entire family or just you and your gang of friends.

Enjoying a Trip with your Family

How wondrous it is, to have grandparents, parents, and children all traveling together. It teaches children how to be more tolerant towards the elderly and to have empathy for others. Undoubtedly, it not only bridges the generation gap but leaves everyone with memories for a lifetime. Numerous air ticket booking sites suggest that intergenerational travels are on the rise.

To heal a broken heart or mend a strained relationship, the best medicine is travel. Compels you to forget your sorrows whereas, for couples in a strained relationship, it can act as therapy helping them to regain self-confidence. There is nothing better than traveling with your partner to help you understand each other’s perspective better. All that time you get to spend with each other helps in accepting the other person and appreciating them for who they are. The joy of figuring things out together, deciphering a new language or just lounging around in each other’s company can rekindle old sparks and breathe new life into your relationship.

cheap airline comparison

Did you ever sit down to analyze that traveling is actually akin to learning? You’ll get lessons in geography, history, sociology, culture, and language! What better way to educate yourself and immerse yourself in a life completely different from the one you are used to. You cannot think of how different life can be until you experience it in another place. These rich experiences will make you an enriched, wise person.

Read More:

Returning from your travels will leave you with a fresh outlook towards life, you will become more outgoing and open to new challenges and possibilities. People love to travel not only for all the reasons stated above but also for the fact that a successful trip fills you with confidence, pride and fresh energy to take on whatever life throws your way. Travelling leaves you with new knowledge, a deep sense of satisfaction, a sense of achievement, and also skills that you might have picked up. What better way to have all rounded development from time to time!

Feeling the Ultimate Serenity

Traveling is a great way to appreciate what you have. Once you’ve been to places where people are not so fortunate as you, you come back with a sense of belonging and gratitude. It also helps you understand the pain and suffering of others. Sometimes, people get inspired to make changes to help make the world a better place. When you travel, you get inspired, you feel challenged, and you develop a fresh new perspective. In our daily lives, we lose sight of who we are.

Travelling opens up our minds, helps shake off the cobwebs rejuvenates us. It is a spa treatment, mental therapy, physiotherapy, and meditation all rolled into one. It serves as the getaway for each and everyone. Be it near or a far-off place, don’t hesitate. Just pick up your bags and travel. It could be a fast-paced life that you want to experience or travel to a sleepy town to become a part of a slow, easygoing life for a change. Take a trip to somewhere just to relax, disconnect from the technology around you and to soak in nature.

cheap flights comparison

So, what are you waiting for? Make a travel plan today. You don’t need a reason or an occasion to do it. Go with your parents, or your kids, or your partner, or your friends, or just set out all by yourself. But go, travel before you run out of time.

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How to find perfect deals for cheap flights from Atlanta to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the 28th-most populated city in the United States. This city is famous for its mega-casino–hotels and is also a global leader in the hospitality industry.

Las Vegas was officially incorporated in the year 1911. If you search for the best source to get your flight tickets booked then you should try to contact Flights Bird. This can definitely help to meet the right satisfaction level. You can always find the best offers and deals from us where you can find it to be quite irresistible for you.

So, you can make a good selection to approach us for the perfect and easy booking of your flights in the best manner. Therefore, it would surely make it possible for you to enjoy your journey in the best manner.

You would feel that your good choice has exceeded your expectation level in the perfect manner even if you choose to travel from Atlanta. Our cheap flights from Atlanta to Las Vegas can prove to be quite affordable to you.  Therefore, your travel to Las Vegas would surely help a lot to save your money and time by approaching us at the earliest.

Enjoy the best comfort travel and Cheap Flights From Atlanta To Las Vegas:


Regarding the duration of the time, it takes 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach Las Vegas when you Book Flights from Atlanta. The distance is approximately 2800 kilometers. The best thing for you to do is to visit Las Vegas during the months of March to May and from September to November.

So, you should try to plan it accordingly that would surely meet your right level of expectation.  At Flights Bird, you would never have to compromise on our service quality at all when you book tickets for cheap flights from Atlanta to Las Vegas. You can also try to visit different tourist attractions like:

  • High Roller Ferris Wheel on the Linq
  • Neon Museum
  • Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides
  • Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower
  • Vegas Indoor Skydiving
  • Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show
  • Mandalay Bay and the Shark Reef Aquarium
  • MGM Grand Hotel and CSI: The Experience
  • Helicopter Rides over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon
  • Caesar’s Palace and The Colosseum
  • Madame Tussaud’s
  • Mob Museum
  • Fremont Street Experience
  • Mirage Hotel: Erupting Volcano and Secret Garden
  • Luxor Hotel
  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  • The Strip
Cheap Flights from San Francisco to Austin

Feel glad finding cheap flights from Atlanta to Las Vegas:

You can find that our best price match promise helps to make your journey a perfect one. You can also get the perfect options to choose from different flights. So, with our convenient and easy payment options, you would definitely be able to feel quite tense-free for your travel.  Our customer executives would surely provide you with the perfect assistance to you.

Make the best use of New Year deals:

Make sure of availing the perfect New Year deals which is possible only at Flights Bird. You can save 40% on your flight bookings done from us. So, you can always expect unbelievable offers for your flight tickets. This would surely make it possible to bring a huge sense of satisfaction out of it. So, you should not miss the exciting offer that would definitely lead to finding yourself glad.


Your right step to contact Flights Bird for cheap flights from Atlanta to Las Vegas can prove to be of much convenient. It can surely be the best thing for you to get in touch with us at Flights Bird where you can enjoy a memorable tour of your destination.

Get Special Christmas Offers For Cheap Flights From Chicago to New York

New York is now visited by lots of different tourists where they enjoy the rich culture. When planning is done by you to make your visit to New York, then it can be the right thing to choose the cheap flights from Chicago to New York so that you can reach at the perfect time. You should also try to concentrate on its costs so that you do not find yourself spending a lot of money for it. In this case, it can be a wise thing for you to get the best flight fares from Flights Bird.

cheap flights from Chicago to New York

Our team would make sure that you never have to find yourself disappointed at all with the best price. This would make you get cheap flights from Chicago to New York where it would definitely bring a big smile to your face.

Things to remember while book cheap flights from Chicago to New York

  • Plan it in the best way:

You can make your ultimate planning to visit New York City is from April to June and from September to early November. The distance from Chicago to New York is 1163 kilometers. It takes around 2 hours and 40 minutes. At Flights Bird, you can find that our cheapest ORD to JFK flights can help you in saving a lot of money. You can find yourself on a profitable side, where it also becomes possible to reach your destination on time.

Therefore, you can always hold high expectation from our services where it would never lead to any worry. It can serve to be the ultimate choice where it would prove to be a memorable one for you. Therefore, by taking your perfect decision to connect with our team at Flights Bird would surely make you get cheap flights from Chicago to New York. You should also make your best effort not to miss the different tourist’s attractions like:

  • Statue of  Liberty
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Broadway and Theater District
  • 9/11 Memorial and Museum
  • Times Square
  • Central Park
  • One World Observatory
  • Wall Street
  • Rockfeller Center and Top of the Rock Observation Deck


  • Get hassle-free booking cheap flights from Chicago to New York:

You can make your booking for direct flights from ORD to JFK that would surely help a lot to meet the right expectation. Here, at Flights Bird, you can always rely on our perfect services where you can get outstanding customer support for you. So, you can take good steps to contact us for your ultimate flight travel.

  • Enjoy ultimate offers:

It would be possible for you to get ultimate offers where you can avail 40% discount on flight tickets booked at Flights Bird. Therefore, you can always make the right effort where it would surely help in meeting the right expectation level. This would also lead to feeling much glad for being able to find the ultimate one.  With perfect Non Stop flights from Chicago (ORD) To New York (JFK), it would surely help a lot to fulfill your level of expectation.


  • Choose your preferred payment options:

Choosing from the different payment options is possible when you contact us at Flights Bird. It would help you a lot to find much easy for booking your flight tickets. By booking cheap Flights From Chicago (ORD) To New York (JFK) it can also help in getting convenient service without any worry at all. With our best price guarantee, it would definitely bring a huge sense of fulfillment.  So, you should never miss the never before Christmas deals that would surely prove to be much useful.


You can truly enjoy the best Christmas offers for cheap flights from Chicago to New York. It would surely be possible to enjoy the perfect flight that would make it affordable and safe in the right manner.

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Where to book Cheap flights from Miami to Chicago?

Offering the simplest way possible to book your flight tickets, Flightsbird.com is undoubtedly the most beneficial website to book your flight tickets. We provide the simple and easy process that will help you not to get confused while booking your flight tickets. Also, their customer support service is available all the time in case you are finding it hard to understand something. Fligtsbird not only provide the better and fast medium to book flight tickets but they also offer the cheapest flight tickets from Miami and other parts of the country. Flights bird can help you find the cheap flights from  Miami to Chicago. Not just cheap flights from miami to Chicago , but Flights bird also provide other domestic and international flight tickets. You can even compare the price between all the different Mia to ORD  Flights.


Attractions of Chicago:

  • Vizcaya Museum and garden
  • Miami Seaquarium
  • Bayside Marketplace
  • Jungle Island
  • Collins Avenue
  • Bayfront Park

Best time to travel

  • Miami is considered as the windy city, although the MIA airport of Miami is the worlds busiest airport, during the time of October to January you can see the place less crowded.
  • Mondays are the busiest as most of the tourist and businessman are getting back to their home or work. Flight fares are quite expensive on Mondays.
  • You can see the less crowd during the Tuesdays, which makes it the affordable day of the week.
  • From February till April the Mia to ORD Flights fare is hiked up as these are the months considered as the busiest time at the airport.
  • To get the cheap flights from Miami to Chicago during February, March, and April you can book your tickets three months advance.

Online flight booking

Flying Time

Almost twelve flights take-off every day from Miami Airport to the Miami. The total straight line distance from Miami to Chicago is 1917 kilometers. The duration of flight in the air takes three hours and five minutes excluding the take-off and landing time. Depending on the type of flight the travel journey can be stretched. If you are considering a direct flight, you might be in the air for almost three hours and five minutes. But there are connecting flights as well that can take little extra time depending on their route.

Air Flight tickets

If you are booking your flight ticket to Chicago, you don’t have to think much about the best time to visit this beautiful city of beaches. As the city gets too hot and most of the tourist start moving back to their home. Winter is the best time to visit the place if you want to be surrounded by the other tourists as well. You can save money on your flight ticket by booking it with Flights bird. This way you can spend your saved money on visiting all the tourist attractions of the city.

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Flightsbird Reveals Best Time to Book Christmas Flights deals in 2018

At Flightsbird, we crunched the information from years past to uncover the best time to get Christmas flights deals for the 2018 occasion. In the event that you haven’t booked yet, prepare, on the grounds that we’re presently in time to take care of business for Christmas travel deals!

Christmas flights deals

Christmas festivity is one of the greatest festivals for the general population having a place with the Christian confidence. Regardless of where you are on the planet, Christmas celebration is dependably an energizing and otherworldly time. Independent of how religious we may feel ourselves to be, we as a whole can share and appreciate the few Christmas Gifts that the period of altruism eventually brings, the more religious can grasp the majority of the occasion’s otherworldly Christmas presents, while the more common of those among us can appreciate those of an all the more common assortment.

Christmas festivity is  a worldwide festival

Christmas festivity is really a worldwide festival. In spite of the fact that the conventions and sustenance related with it shift with culture, atmosphere, and nation, even schedule, the soul of the day rises above every such distinction. Christmas Gifts are by and large traded between relatives, companions, relatives and friends and family, such liberality additionally stretches out to sustenance. All things considered, there must be something uncommon behind a choice to remain up throughout the night making wiener rolls and mince pies, and after that burning through the majority of Christmas morning cooking a delectable supper. Present day traditions of the occasion incorporate present giving, Church festivities, and the presentation of various designs including the Christmas tree, mistletoe, lights, nativity scenes, and holly.

air flight tickets

Christmas Festival 2018

Places of worship hold Candlelight benefit, or, in other words prior at night. It is likewise observed as the night when Santa Claus makes their rounds offering presents to great youngsters.

Get cheap Christmas vacations for  ideal chance to appreciate a brisk excursion with family and companions. It’s not very late to book your Christmas trip at moderate costs, as Flightsbird gathers together every day the best occasion flight bargains. The sooner you book, the better!

Get your cheapest Christmas travel deals now!

      • Newark                    =    $133.40
      • Miami                       =   $61.10
      • Washington           =   $95.50
      • San Francisco        =   $97.50
      • John F Kennedy    =   $81.50
      • Chicago                    =   $70.40
      • Los Angeles            =   $51.40
      • New York                 =   $55.40
      • Atlanta                     =   $53.40
      • Seattle                      =   $89.40

Quick Facts: Best Time To Book 2018 Christmas Flights

Least expensive month to book local flights: October. Costs are 4% not as much as normal.

Least expensive month to book global flights: October. Costs are 3% better than expected contrasted with December where they hop to 5% more costly.

Greatest weeks to book local flights: 10/8-11/19. Flights are 3% beneath normal.

Search for the least expensive flights from anyplace

Another approach to snatch cheap flights is by being adaptable with your goal. You likewise get the opportunity to investigate a more noteworthy assortment of goals. Look at our EVERYWHERE SEARCH highlight to locate the least expensive course.

Haven’t discovered your optimal flight bargain yet? Utilize Flightsbird Search in light of a goal you have or enter in wherever in the goal to increase some motivation on where you can go.

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How to Fly on cheap flights from Newark to Miami?

Confused about the flight to book at the best rate from Newark to Miami? Visit Flights bird website to get a complete list of all flights operated by all the airlines on the particular date when you plan to travel. We understand you the details of only the cheap flights from Newark to Miami. A vast array of available flight tickets at the best rates is displayed for the user according to his/her search terms. Thus, the customer has no dearth of options and is guaranteed to get the best rates according to his/her budget. We offer the different reasonable rates on flight tickets by various airlines in the same place. This saves you time and energy spent on scouting various airline websites and other sources. The cheap rates ensure that whatever option you may choose, there is no chance of you spending a lot more than required.

 Flight options for direct flights from ewr to mia

Many airlines operate flights from Newark to Miami. The airlines include United Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Delta Airlines. Although there are multiple flight options every day, Sunday has the maximum flights with 30 options. Monday, with 19 flights, has the least opportunities in a week. Therefore, Sunday is the best day to look for direct flights from ewr to mia. We also provide the best advice on other cheapest days to book flight tickets.

Facts about Miami

Miami is located in South Florida. It is the hub of financial, cultural and economic activities in South Florida. Miami is also a highly popular vacation destination. This is due to the blend of beaches, pleasant weather, entertainment, culture, sports, and history. The glamour and vibrant atmosphere of Miami also attracts tourists in droves. There is also no dearth of recreational opportunities in Miami. There are also many natural retreats around Miami for nature lovers.


Main tourist attractions

  • Miami Beach
  • South Beach
  • Jungle Island
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
  • Shark Valley Visitor Center
  • Lummus Park Beach
  • Art Deco District
  • Bayside Marketplace
  • Zoo Miami
  • Everglades National Park
  • Bayfront Park
  • Coral Castle
  • Freedom Tower
  • Key Biscayne and Crandon Park
  • Miami Sea Aquarium
  • Frost Science Museum
  • Little Havana
  • American Airlines Arena
  • Ocean Drive
  • Deering Estate


Spring season is from March to May and is the best time to visit Miami. You can look up the various ewr to mia flights during these months. July is the hottest month in the year, and a visit in July must be avoided. To experience the cultural extravaganza of the city, the winter months from November to February are the best.

Airport location

Miami International Airport is the primary airport of Miami. The airport is located about 13 kilometers from downtown Miami. You can get to Miami city from the airport by train, city bus, commercial shuttle or taxi. It usually takes about 30-35 minutes to reach Miami city from the airport.

Distance and flight time

The distance between Newark Liberty International Airport and Miami International Airport is 1746 kilometers. The average flight time of direct flights from ewr to mia is about 2 hours 32 minutes. Extra time spent on tarmac, taxiing and reaching the destination gate after landing when added to the flight time, may add twenty odd minutes to the flight time.

The flights with 1 or more stoppages take much more time to reach Miami.

Why Flights bird?

Once you enter the various details such as departure date, return date, a number of adults and children, class of travel, etc. we search and provide a list of all the cheap flights from Newark to Miami which match the date and other details offered by you. Features such as departure time, arrival time and time of travel are all provided by us. You can also view the seating plan of the aircraft and other flight details on our website. You can sort the list in ascending or descending order of price or other factors such as departure time, arrival time, number of stops, etc. Just select the flight you want to book and go through a step by step booking process. Payment mode is safe and secure by credit card or PayPal.

Thus, regardless of whether you to book flights from EWR to MIA well in advance for a planned holiday or need cheap flight bookings within a short notice for a quick business trip, we provide the best services for you.

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Hassle free booking of cheap flights from Newark to New York

If you are looking for the best rates available before you with respect to flights from Newark to New York, look no further than Flights Bird. There are multiple cheap flights operated by various airlines between Newark and New York. The key is to get complete information about all the cheap flights available at the date on which you are planning to fly. Information about all the best deals on flight tickets help in making a good decision. The internet is a huge mine of information about flight bookings and it is not possible to collate all the information all by yourself. Flights Bird does it for you and presents all the attractive rates for cheap flights from Newark to New York in a succinct manner.

Flights available between Newark and New York

A number of airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa, Northwest Airlines and many others operate flights between Newark Liberty International Airport and John F Kennedy International Airport. Flights Bird allows you to get information about the best rates offered by your preferred airlines. You can either search the flights by all the airlines operating between the cities or custom search according to your preferred airlines. Thus, the website offers the facility to quickly view all the available cheap flights from Newark to New York and book the preferred flight instantly.

New York- The major city in USA

New York City is the most populous city in USA. It is located in the New York State. New York is a major financial, commercial and cultural center of not only USA but also the world. New York is visited by people from all the over the world for not only business and financial activities but also to experience the culture, entertainment and the stunning architecture of many world famous buildings and other structures in the city. The metropolis is always buzzing with activity and is known as the “city that never sleeps”. There is so much to do in New York City.

Tourist attractions

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Empire State Building
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Rockfeller Center and Top of the Rock Observation Deck
  • 9/11 Memorial and Museum
  • Times Square
  • Central Park
  • One World Observatory
  • Wall Street
  • Radio City Music Hall
  • Carnegie Hall
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Broadway and Theater District
  • Frick Collection Museum
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Fifth Avenue

You can take a bus tour of the all the major attractions of the city or take a guided tour. Saviour authentic New York food such as pastram, bagels, knishes, pizza, etc. at the various outlets in the city. There is no dearth of restaurants and eating joints where one can get the best food. Cruising on the waters around Manhattan on various kinds of boats is also a popular activity. The vibrant nightlife in the city is also an added attraction.

Location of the airport

The meaning of ewr to jfk flights mean that the flights originate from Newark Liberty International Airport and terminate at John F Kennedy International Airport in New York. John F Kennedy Aiport is the major international airport serving New York City. This is a very busy airport with 29 million passengers passing through it every year. JFK is located on the Jamaica Bay and is about 15 miles from Manhattan. The best place to stay in New York City is Manhattan. There are many luxury, mid range and budget hotels in Manhattan. Manhattan is also close to all the major attractions.

NY Subway, taxis and car services can be used to reach your hotel from JFK Airport. Rental cars are also available at the airport.

Suitable time to visit

The best time to plan a visit to  New York City is from April to June and from September to early November. The weather is pleasant during these months. The cheapest time to book ewr to jfk flights is from mid January to end of February especially during the weekends.

Time of travel

The travel time of direct flights from ewr to jfk is just 33 minutes. The distance is 34 kilometres.

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