4 Cleanest Beaches of the US Which are Just One Click Away At Flightsbird

Have you been searching for the best beaches for the next getaway? Flightsbird brings you the best yet cleanest beaches of the US that you can easily add great fun to your holiday and ensure you perfectly fun-filled vacations for your family. Before you plan a trip to the sand this summer, it is best to have a look over these cleanest beaches that can offer excellent travel options and enables you to explore the best options for your travel.

It’s summertime, everyone wants to take a breeze in the happening ambiance of the various cities. And there is nothing as beautiful and amazing as diving into the incredible beaches of the US. From swimming in the clear ocean water to snorkeling in the water to catching the spectacular wildlife, everything is so beautiful and amazing to explore in the US. If you are fed up of exploring the dirty beaches of the US and then run the risk of cutting your foot on glass, lying on top of cigarette butts, swimming in polluted water or inhaling the harmful toxins, then it is high time to go through this Article and explore the cleanest beaches of the US.

Here are the best beaches which are just one click away at Flightsbird:

Long Beach City, Nassau Country, New York

Want to experience the long waves, safe and clean water? Long Beach City is the perfect place that you always dream to have for your vacations. The beach is 3.3 miles long and has around 2.2-mile boardwalk where there is no permit for the animals on the beach, no barbecues are allowed and alcohol is strictly prohibited. In fact, Long Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the US.

Newport Beach, California

The Newport beach is often known for its aquatic sports activities that have been constantly monitored by the experts and ensure up safe vacation environment that can make easily lift up your travel experience.

Miami Beach

While it comes to vacationing in the beaches, Miami beaches are the one that can easily drive you crazy. From water snorkeling, underwater sea walk to taking a ferry ride, there are various things that you can explore and experience in Miami. The upscale culture, vibrant ambiance and modern lifestyle of the Miami can quickly drive you crazy.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is the perfect place known for its beaches, arts, culture and happening events. From gondola rides on the canals to exploring the historic riverfront of this city, there are a number of things that you can experience in the FLL. With its signature white wall and brick paved path, luxurious hotels, beachfront resorts, yachts dotting Millionaires Row, this place is become so popular and commonly known for the engaging activities.

If you are all set for your next summer vacations, then it is best to have a look over these cleanest beaches that can turn your trip into unforgettable vacations.

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