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Day: March 2, 2019

5 Tips To Bringing Your Baby To The Los Angeles

Planning a vacation with a toddler? Booking a Flight to LAX? Make your Things You Need to Remember While Traveling with a Baby!

Travelling is always fun but when it comes to flying with a baby, things would be really challenging especially for the new parents. If you are also one of those who has just entered the parenthood and planning a trip to Los Angeles with a baby for the first time, don’t be afraid. Just keep in mind, little planning and right execution is the key to a happy trip.

By keeping in mind the general hassles of parents, this blog has compiled a few suggestions that can make your journey bit easier and manageable with your toddler. So before booking a flight to LAX, it is worth to have a look over these practical tips to keep your baby comfortable and happy on his/her first flight.

Let’s begin with the suggestions…

Select Kid’s Friendly Attractions

The biggest disappointment of the travelers while visiting the new place with a baby, is the wrong choice of destination. Now you are a parent of a baby, so see the locations from his/her eyes to avoid ruining the fun of your trip. Babies always want to see colorful, happening, less crowded places and what’s best than visiting a Walt Disney World in Los Angels. Not only it is free for the kids under the age of three but also adds unlimited fun to your day. Parents of the little ones will discover the park by hiring a baby stroller so that baby can easily nap, freely move and allow you to change his/her diapers easily.

Take a Flight

When your little ones are too small for the long road trips, book a direct flight from SFO to LAX to keep your travel time short and make a ride easier for a baby. No matter whether you are traveling from DFW to LAX or from any neighboring city, prior flight bookings can make your journey far convenient with a baby.

Travel With Kid’s Friendly Airlines

Los Angeles is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US, so there are hundreds of Airlines scheduling a number of flights each day to JFK. Airlines like Emirates that especially focus on kid’s entertainment and providing special goodies, meals and baby changing area to keep your little one happy, comfortable and entertained throughout the flight. 

Leave Early

No matter whether you are leaving in Los Angeles to traveling from outside, it is advised to leave the spot around 2:30 to beat the afternoon traffic. Depending upon your baby’s bedtime, leave the spot to avoid sticking in heavy traffic. Your day might seem to be less magical with a little one but when you take a break between 4 pm to 7 pm, it can definitely keep your baby relaxed, happy and healthy during your journey. 

Find Less-Crowded Spots

Most babies don’t enjoy loud and crowded places so look for quite spots. You can keep a day free for the ferry near Haunted Mansion in LA. It is an ideal location for picnicking and offer you clean and empty washrooms. Further, a miles away in between “It’s A Small World and The Matterhorn” there is a good food stall and next to it, you’ll find a good sitting area with the small body of water. That usually for ducks and making a perfect place for feeding a baby away from the crowd.

Make your traveling easier and convenient with kids by simply keeping these few points in mind. Further, to cut down your traveling cost, you can easily look for cheap airline tickets for a round trip from LAX to SFO and save more on your trip.

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